"Crazy Horse" lyrics


"Crazy Horse"

This girl at another table
Started singing "Danny Boy"
And staring at me
With a mischevous grin
Drawing me in with her eyes
And then she held me there
With her lips

Everybody in the cafe laughed
Dazed, I walked back
To my table and received
Some very disturbing news
"Good job, dude", Anandi said
"You just kissed Crazy Horse's girlfriend"

Now I'm in deep shit,
I said to myself
That's the worst news
I've ever heard
I had a bag over my head already,
Bleaching my hair,
But I pulled it down
A little lower
Crazy Horse is the meanest
Of the meanest, the leader
Of the lowest of the low
The St. Paul skins
With a bullet hole tatoo
On his shaved head
And I just kissed Crazy Horse's girlfriend

Anandi grabbed a napkin
She drew a diagram
With red lipstick
This is how you'll look
When he gets through
You never should have come
In the first place
And now the boot boys
Are gonna rearrange your face
"I tried to warn you", she said
"But now you're going back to kiss her again"

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