"Certain Things" lyrics


"Certain Things"

He is good at certain things
Like making you feel guilty
And disappointing everybody
At breaking promises and plans
And talking shit behind your back
And telling you how you should live
While he goes nowhere fast

He says I only see his faults
But that's not true
I'm trying to have a positive attitude
Yeah, he is good, really good
At certain things

She is good at certain things
Like staying home watching T.V.
Yeah, she really does it perfectly
But that's not all, you also get
Snotty condescending comments
And she's really good at turning
A small problem
Into a huge dramatic mess

These talents didn't come naturally though
It took a lot of practice
To get them down so well
Now she is good, really good
At certain things

They were both really good
really good friends of mine
But people they change over time
Now they are so perfect together
I'm so glad they found each other
They make such a wonderful couple

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