"Asheville" lyrics



I was falling through the cracks, now I'm piling up bricks
I was clutching for straws, now I'm gonna take the fifth
I'm gonna say nothing but my name and that will even be fake
Ha! Why'd you think I came here in the first place?

Piss on the angel, tear down the Statue of Vance
Shove the hippies' didjeridoo up their ass
Take away their hackysacks, that's what I'm gonna do
Poison the reservoir and then, I'm gonna kiss you

Sitting on my porch staring at the lights of downtown
Someday we'll make it there, someday we'll burn it down
Instead of running the gauntlet, we'll walk hand in hand
All three blocks and then back again

Eat pecans in the shell, gonna walk around the lake
Sit in the sun and we're gonna eat grapes
And go to the Thomas Wolfe museum
When it's actually open

We were falling through the cracks, now we're starting a pit
We were clutching for straws, now we're gonna drink a fifth
And then drink a few beers and sleep a little bit
Up in my attic

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