"The Cheap Bouquet" lyrics


"The Cheap Bouquet"

Stay young and at the top of our lungs
Our hands are free
Our lives have just begun

It's getting dark, we should go back
But what's the use if what you love is what you have?
And I could die right now
For something beautiful to take me somewhere else

Oh, I try to calm down
As I drag myself along these severed hands
(Severed hands) Are doing the very best they can

I'm gonna buy a cheap bouquet
Before it dies on the display
(Gonna break down)
Break down the better side of me
(The better side of me)

Well I know, I know if I die young
Then we can wake up screaming in your bed
And our lungs are begging us to calm down

And I scare myself with all that talk of severing
Doing the best or so it seems
(You've been mistaken)
Your finger's on the scale
(Burn like you never have before
Stop, drop and roll don't work in hell)
So what if I forget regret?
So what if I...
So what if I forget regret?
So what if I...
So what if I...
So what if I...
So what if I...

I want you to know that I...
That I've wrote this line a thousand times
Forget regret

This must be the way it ends

Calm down as I drag myself along
These severed hands are doing the very best they can
As I drive my car into the sea
(I taste you like a hammer through my teeth)
Will someone tell me what it means to be alive?
It feels just like the feeling when you die

Oh, all right, I'm dead and I don't care if it's cold outside anymore
So come on, let's have some fucking fun

Thanks to Nolan Brown for these lyrics

Thanks to Kerophile., Jp for correcting these lyrics

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