"Props & Mayhem" lyrics


"Props & Mayhem"

While they sleep we let the night chase evil things away,
and we're like animals, homesick from shows.
We gotta kill everything before the night gets wasted.
Maybe it seems so strange, but we don't even stress at all.
'Cause we've got poison in our well.
Come at me with everything you've got.

Burst into flames. Scream in the dark.
I'm gonna light up this place and die in beautiful stars tonight.

Does it even make a difference,
when I'm sober I feel pain.
As we run under the stars through cemetery backyards.
Celebrate the way the night hides scars.
So dance if it moves you,
and jump in the fire, if it burns you.
I'll throw my arms around you darlin',
and we'll turn to ashes.

Drown me in the flames. Scream in the dark.
I'm gonna light up this place and die in beautiful stars.
But if these demons keep falling from the sky,
it's alright 'cause sometimes
I love the way you swing the blade at everything in sight.
Separate me from my own two hands.
I've killed so many times.
But I can't save the world from the creatures that don't die.

Kinda like the way you tell me,
"Baby, please come home. I need you here right now.
I'm crying underwater so you don't hear the sound."

Burst into flames, (what do you do when you're out of time?)
Scream in the dark, (where do you go when they're right outside?)
I'm gonna light up this place (and how do you scream when there's no one left around?)
and I will be the only light.
I'll be the only light.

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