"Justification Organization" lyrics


"Justification Organization"

Organization to justify the love between us
(Who are you? Stop judging me)
But it’s not working, look at this war around us
(What’s going on?)
Strike a match in the dark to help you see right
(You’ve yet to make yourself a path)
Burning out, I’m not lit, I’m running away

You claim to know of this love, why can’t you show it off?
I don’t stand beside you so high, yet there’s compassion in my life
Organization to justify love
Your organization is fucking it all up

Your mind is running out of ideas to tell them
(So listen up let me speak)
I’m from the other side and I don’t wanna fake it
(I’m not a liar)
Ignoring those who try to fix the faulty
(Why make exceptions to the rule?)
If that’s the case then, hey, I guess I’m guilty

Organization, justification, let’s get it right, you’re not all alone in this
Organization, justification, you’re the people who lead the way for sin

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