"Driver" lyrics



Watch me, I'm kicking the wall
I'll break through it before I go
And leave a hole my shape in everything you know
Death comes last to the party
Meanwhile I'm biding my time
So you can't take your own life
That's cutting in line

Fear not the big drag
It's not that you're going to be lost
It's just less likely that you'll be found
Find someone to worship now
The rest is silence, other, outside
Below, beneath, and how -
And petition against your imagination
You don't know shit about me
Focus on yourself
And the choices you make
Between your pleasure and growing up

Lovely, it's amazing
How nothing ever changes
I know that hurt can go on forever
It strips the taste from the constellations
I know nothing lasts forever
I know that hurt can go on and on
Cause I eat stress and I shit blood
And buddy, I'll tell you, it never gets better

When the ache gets too extreme, remember
That this retreat from memory is your right
And nothing's going to work
Retreat from what you've come to know as right

He steps to the dress and my skin
Hell ripped the fucking river open
To some other world they dragged me
I have a history of surrender
Part of a certain set of choices
Found among the many paths
Forged by lies I told myself
Lies like 'I will be protected'
Lies like 'death might forget me'
Like 'home is where I'm never invited'
Like 'my voice provides a light'
Like 'I can have everything I want before I die'

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