"Growing Pains" lyrics


"Growing Pains"

When I was a kid I thought my life could be like a movie. I could be the karate kid or a goonie. I grew up kinda slow. I’m old enough, old enough to know. Life ain’t a movie or a TV show, it’s the real thing. There are no commercial breaks. There’s just head aches and heart ache. Constant reminders of your mistakes. And if you’re lucky, once in a while something just might make you smile. In the end I can tell ya there’ll be tears because everything we love will disappear. So, don’t let go of this moment even though nothing can last forever. That’s how it must be. Hold tight to the music here tonight. For one brief second I think we got it right. When I was a kid I thought my life would be easy. A picket fence and a wife, just like on TV. It didn’t work out that way for me. My life is a catastrophe. This isn’t what my mother wanted for me. Now I just want my life to be like a love song. An ugly duckling squawking out a swan song. And if ya hear it, I hope ya smile. Forget about real life for a while. A brief moment we can share, that I hold dear because everything we love is still here. If you stay sweet then I’ll stay sweet. We’ll build up a community where we actually help one another. Let’s be friends, let’s be sisters and brothers. Let’s be everything we can to each other.

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