"2K Situations" lyrics


"2K Situations"

I recall, it only goes so far back when
Simple things, we the most them
This never ending, regenerating
Contamination of ones memories

What happened to The Curse?
What happened to A Body Count?
What happened to Sweet Revenge?
What happened to The Sorrow?

Breathe into me what has become a standard
In this day and age, where we fade away
What means the most, I find myself drifting
Into the sitcoms of reality

Yeah, and fuck you
This is a movement

We turn the dial on stations that never change

Blame it on, the economy all you want
But stage or not, we aren't here to talk
This is a fight. an ever lasting war.
Against the those among us who want more and more and more

I find myself in this delusion
Seeking past tense restitution
Will someone please grab me by the throat
And squeeze me till my eyes bleed

I've found it's easier to move
Without an anchor in my back pocket
Face it, even with a face lift
Your worth your weight in motherfucking change, bitch
God damn

By the way, was there something I should know today?
Like how to stay away from these 2k situations
They bring me down faster than I'm already falling
Face to ground, they pin me down at the shoulders, now

Now if you hate me
I want you to show me
Get up here

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