"White Flag" lyrics


"White Flag"

I caught you on the offensive
but you've levelled my defences
Blood on my face or is it lipstick?
twin projectiles, were they ballistic?
I tried a little gentle persuasion
but you insisted on an invasion
I was getting my senses back
you launched a full frontal attack
Call the hostilities to a halt
I can't cope with this brutal assault
I've tried it all from money to charm
I may as well unilateral disarm
You foiled my plants with a mind detector
I'm a conscientious objector
The war you started was all out
I didn't mean for us to fall out
You laid waste to my apartment
with a saturation bombardment
Your mental state was on activate
It was ready and set to detonate
Somewhere I think that we got it wrong
I found myself sitting on a time bomb
The looks you're giving me are pure corrosive
I'd better watch out 'cos you're highly explosive
I'm beaten, I'm bloody, I'm aching, I'm sore
I can't take anymore of this civil war
I'm gonna surrender 'cos I've had enough
If this is your idea of playing it rough
When all this is over I'll get the blame
for allowing escalation of your war games
I once was your ally, I once was your friend
But now it seems it's over and it looks like the end

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