"Put Your Money" lyrics


"Put Your Money"

Theres people living on the poverty line
You never here too much about them
I guess there just a sign of the times victims of recesion
But still there are divisions between the rich and poor
This is a democracy not a few fucking war
Where you can do just what you want
That way you should be free
Although I must admit it doesn't look that way to me
Put Your money where your mouth is
Lets have some wealth distrubution
Dont wast it just give it away
It's gotta be the only solution
Disband the fucking Monarchy
You can do that for a start
There all just useless relics and
They are living in the past
People can't survive on the things they think we need
People who want no more are people with oout no greed
Were not telling you too give away your pay
We gotta get through to the rich
Surely they could do without their garden parties
Swimming pool and brand new polo pitch

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