"Classified Info" lyrics


"Classified Info"

Classified information hidden in the middle of the back page
Where the voices tease temptation, no one cares about the age
Someone sold a secret lonely life in hiding
Life is not complete he spends 24 hours trying

Now you're worth nothing again
Now you're nothing

Emotion has no home, the credit on the card keeps falling
No one knows her name but he still keeps on calling
Daily news without the world outside its changing
All he cares about are the 4 walls that he's making

Now you're worth nothing again
Now you're nothing

Gotta keep in favour
With the money and the men behind it all
Who like your bad behavior
But they ain't getting fucked
On the premier cut
Cuz its all your money their taking
Cheap talk cheap talk
Gonna try my luck
With the boss whose good at faking

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