"Only You" lyrics


"Only You"

So I guess theres not much left to say
and even less hope that you'll listen
But I still wake up each day
just feeling like theres something missing

Like I left a piece of my head
at a hotel in Ohio
But your pillows still on my bed,
I think if you knew that
you'd still smile

They tell me days will all be wasted
by the thought of chasing lightning
It was here but now its gone
the battles over but I'm still fighting
Praying theres some little piece of you
that still remembers what this could be
They say I should be moving on
and I guess they're right I should be

But no, they'll never get it
they don't see the way that I do
I could never forget
whats the point in even trying to
I hope you understand that all
these crazy things that I do for you
They're for you
and only you.

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