"Semicolons And Semiquavers" lyrics


"Semicolons And Semiquavers"

I was born somewhere between the Holocaust and 9/11
In a place where everyone locks their doors
They told me about a man in the skies
Who lies in everything in disguise
They told me about a city with a tower for the world
They told me I just had to roll these dice
And everything would turn out nice
They lied to me
They lied to me

Father, what have you done?
You lied to me about the bourgeoisie
Commonly acknowledged hypocrisy
You lied to me about honesty

You lied to me about me having any chance
To make a dent in this world
And now I live in your lie
And I wish you the worst dear
Now that I know
I won't be the hero of my time
In this supporting caste

Thanks to Jules for these lyrics

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