"Seizing The Conundrum" lyrics


"Seizing The Conundrum"

10 o’clock
Mundane morning
Such as fall usually meets
McGill University

"Welcome and thank you for your consent
To be a part of this study
Here’s how we will proceed today
Thanks to our combined experimental apparatus
And theoretical tools
Your behaviors shall be measured
In a controlled environment"

What’s the use of your data if reality can’t be controlled?
So you think you can predict human demeanor
Well predict this:
My refusal of your answers

On a scale of 1 to 7, what’s your feeling
About mathematizing human beings?

No need to try to reach a knowledge of yourself
For science will
Well science this:
My refusal of your chi-squares

Am I wrong to fear the blindness
Of your faith in what you’re doing?
Objectivity is nothing but a myth

So maybe it’s hard to bear
And it keeps us floundering
That we can’t seize the truth
Well seize this:
My acceptance of the great conundrum of humanity

Thanks to Jules for these lyrics

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