"Help Me Not Call Despair Back" lyrics


"Help Me Not Call Despair Back"

I can't bare one more -ism
This world is torn with schisms
We can't rely on anything by now
My head is spinning in outer space
I can't follow today's erratic pace
I guess you don't belong in here

Neither do you
You were made for that better place
We will create down here on Earth
Tonight, yeah!

We'll witness the Great War, the rise of China
A common falling apart, the Battle for Antartica
Black gold's value waning, Blue Gold's value waxing
And still human life will be worthless
Gonna see the ocean taking over Tuvalu
And radiation taking over the CERN
A rocket with a few CEOs, presidents and the pope in it
Will leave the planet, saying to themselves
"Apparently, Bono couldn't save them all..."

Neither can you
You can't carry the weight of a thousand souls
They need to struggle for their own doom
But would you please be our guide

Please be our guide
Please by our guide
Be my guide
Please be my guide
Be my guide
Be my guide, who
Be my guide
Who, be my guide, yeah

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