"Feed The Grass" lyrics


"Feed The Grass"

His first couple of years were
A masquerade of huge faces making sounds
For him to smile
But then he outgrew his cuteness
And at school he became the best boy to rile

And then he started burning bugs
And he would never ask for hugs
And all of a sudden he went from shenanigans to drugs

Mother-fucking monday
Mother-fucking tuesday
Bring him to the mother-fucking middle of the week
Mother-fucking thursday (Jeudi!)
Mother-fucking friday (Vendredi!)
And it's not as if the week-end was any better (Mieux!)

From bullying youngsters to high school gangs
He never had the guts to show his fangs
His mother told him to let go
But after six beating sessions in a row
He departed from his routine
And bought a can of gasoline
He almost forgot his life-long banes
As he watched Pete's house drowning in flames

Ashes were floating in the air
Fire was dissolving his despair
He felt good to know as years would pass
Pete's family would feed the grass

He likes the softness of the seat
But the police car was a deceit
For a couple years he couldn't think
About nothing else than this gorgeous heat

When he got out of jail
Far from his youth, far from his fail
He bought another can of gas
And drank it up to feed the grass


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