"The Reckoning" lyrics


"The Reckoning"

Featuring Chris Roetter of Like Moths To Flames

I've been staring at my reflection
I've lost all perception
who have I become?

cause I don't wanna be
another part of their
it's hard to breathe
sucking the life out of me
what does it mean
when everything you see
becomes what you believe?

this is the reckoning
no it's not what it seems
I'm not who I thought I'd be
this will be the end of me
no it's not what I dreamed
I'm not who I thought I'd be

I'm so lost stuck in my transition
and I can't get a grip on
the person I've become

cause I've lost sight of me
force fed with words that they preach
I've been deceived
corrupted by their greed
just let me be, be the change you wanna see
just set me free

just set me free
(set me free)

do you feel like you're in control?

[Chris Roetter:]
Sacrificed enough
I found the meaning in the walls built up
and for the first time I see clearly
We were born to die
but not before we're given the chance to survive

This is the reckoning
no it's not what it seems
I'm not who I used to be

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