"Sirens" lyrics



Well summer's in my head again
I've been lying in this bed for days on end
Don't talk to me just let me sleep
I had that dream this week
Where everything goes wrong, let me take you there
Trace the patterns and repeat
I'm left with what was underneath no heart it's useless
You've heard the song so let's move along
and everywhere we go
Everything goes wrong, let me take you there
You won't believe all the colors that dance
inside the flame
You won't believe how these walls cave in
fall down and light me up again
Here's to the holiday and the life that we leave
We never got to say goodbye I'm sorry
And they will gather around when the sirens ring out
The celebration's moved on to a better place
If there's something to talk about can it wait
I can't talk right now
Moving backwards, what happened last year?
I can't tell you been wasted for too long

Thanks to Cory for these lyrics

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