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What I hear is what I fear
I can’t believe it’s real
It might have been just a sound
It’s becoming a specter all around

I wanna fight for freedom
Fight to recover my own
The demons raiding my mind
They try to break my way to walk the line

Why is this taking what is in me?
Every day is a battlefield, every day
Why is my brain controlling me like this?
I need your help! I don’t wanna die!

I gotta control myself
My soul is between your hands
Cause I can’t tread on quicksand
I hope this angel takes me away from hell

Try to understand the ghost
I hit my head on a post
It’s still screaming in the night
But I know it’s the beginning of the fight

This is not real; it’s so unreal; like a monster
This creature’s creeping in my head
I wonder if I will survive!

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