"Storm On A Rise" lyrics


"Storm On A Rise"

This song… this song was written…
This song was written on a land…
On a land called Wonderland…
The beach was so… the sand was so fine and white
And the sky… the sky has put its evening gown…
Everything was pure, the water…
The water reflected the magical light of the moon
The air… the air smelt the pleasure of living
But there was… there was a storm on my right…
There was… there was a storm on my left
I was… I was in heaven… then I saw:

He saw a bird trying to fly, trying to fly with oily wings
A billion fishes laid off, laid off of their life
He saw a child playing, playing in a waste field
A billion tress falling under the steel of acid rains

He was in Wonderland; he saw a storm on a rise
Toxic winds blowing his hair
He cannot breathe no more!

I’ll burn the sky, the ground, the sea
Burn the clouds, grey ashes will cover everything
I’ll kill the birds, the tress and then all beings
So you won’t trouble them!

He saw a bag flying, flying in a blue sky
A billion bottles spoiling in a grandiose reef
He saw an acid rain bouncing in a child park
A billion blue-green algae’s growing under the sun

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