"Saturated" lyrics



Can’t stand a single T.V. channel today
If it’s gaudy life… I must be colorblind
It seems to me an industry based on high profits
We concentrate to get those things that we don’t need

And that’s in me
That needs satisfaction
It’s overwhelming me
Can’t even try to see
I’ve been told how to live
Here we go again!

I may recall those times ago playing with friends
My T.V. screen offered me the whole world
Enforced to buy what they show as the priority
It’s time to switch and turn it off and that means:

Hey! That means me
That means self-expression
Are you here or what?
Can we? If we can see
That means it’s time to speak
Here we go again!

A round ball with sees filled with tears
Billions of starving weak sheep
Still here we see and buy shit

See me I’m feeling sat
Here it goes again!
We need no destiny
Don’t need self-satisfaction
Here it goes again!

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