"I Need Advice" lyrics


"I Need Advice"

Doubting quilts could warm my heart
Or give courage to my soul
Fear overwhelms me so hard
Don’t know how to exit this hole

Everything is dark around me
Perhaps it’s me who is wrong
I would scream so loudly
But I prefer to hold my tongue

On each path fear chills ice, I need advice
Where is the soft light at the end of the tunnel that could comfort me?
Where are you? Feel so lonely…
Only see enemies when I am that lost, when I am that afraid
Where are you? I need you…

Pain with fear leaves bliss in a cage
Unable to move past this wreckage
Doubting I could overcome the rage
Now I fall alone
You had the key to free my happiness
To take me out of this gloomy nest
To open the door out this maze
But now you’re gone

Forgetting delays the foreseeable
What we flee counter, what we face surrender
My pain is appeasable
I can’t fall behind with all the strength that’s in my mind
I choose to battle

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