"Gr8'er Toys" lyrics


"Gr8'er Toys"

Every day is like a game to me
It makes me deal with life more easily
I never step over the footpath cracks
I am a kid and that’s the way I act

When in the bar I play another game
It’s fun to drink; it’s fun to win the race
Finish my beer before all my friends
Good to know I’m the last man to stand

I want a car that goes faster
A boat, a bike, an ATV
I want all game systems and computers
A gun, a mace, real-life PvP

Don’t think that I’m a material boy
It’s just that now I need greater toys
I like to think that I’m a G.I. Joe
In a real-life Grand Theft Auto

When I wake up I simply roll the dice
And then I am the mad cat chasing mice
I like to bet on how people will act
After they’re hit by my surprise attack!

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