"Getting Thru'" lyrics


"Getting Thru'"

On your way down you’re falling
Let’s sing this song, you’re close to the bottom
Repressing your feelings
It’s on and on, it’s eating your own

But did you do all you can do?
The only thing to do
If you let it out, these ways behind
You can find out this is true
The only thing to know:
Keep in mind you’re getting through
Don’t look behind

Providing; friends calling
We’re all aboard, we’re all pawns on that board
Providing few good things
You’ll face it all, you’ll master your own

And if you’d do what you should do
The only thing to do
Carry with someone this weight beyond
You can find out the truth
The only way to go
Is not low but high
Don’t go down!

On your own; don’t
Don’t keep going down lost somewhere down alone

Your eyes up to the sky, you want to fly, you wonder why
Stop thinking about things that could hurt you and most of us
Your lies won’t justify, cause to yourself they’re still lies, man…
It’s up to you, it’s time to act!
It’s time to question what is wrong
We can find out
Together we can work it out!
You’re getting through!

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