"Failure" lyrics



That scene which script is passion
Will it let him down?
Mission for the fighter’s own
Until he fails, failed!

Intent to reach your beat I’m sinking in feelings
Breathe in the battlefield and sink with me down that stream
Empty promises; I’m bleeding deceived
Please fulfill all those empty dreams until now

Obsessed by denial day
To brawl alone in the night again
With the spell the witch has turned his spirit into stone
Stone! Standing stoned!

Can’t make a solution where there’s no absolution
Things have too many faces, too many interpretations
Heart is burning under sadism of goddess’ eyes
Cruel as a crow diving on a weakened camel

Dying in that desert
Seeking your dunes
Under a sun that hurts
Seeking you!

Unaccomplished, unaccompanied, a failing quest
No second chance, this was no test
Love is an epic conquest of heart… and it hurts
Struggling for a weapon, some weapons to use!

No use for a sharp sword, there are thousand sharp words
Bleeding beat and splashed by tears towards a critical crash
No use for a steel shield, your heart is like a permanent seal
And it bitterness tastes like failure

Dying in that desert
Seeking your dunes
Under a sun that hurts
Seeking your heart!

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