"Driving-By" lyrics



It took me time to understand
It took me time to realize which are on my side
Desperate run behind the wagon
I’m out of reach before it faded in the horizon
More and more it goes away
Hours and days seem to get longer everyday
I start to dig the underground
It’s where we belong

No need to keep stalled in
Let’s take an alternative
No matter if you lose or win
Who said it was competitive?
It seems simple to me
Just grant the torch on someone you trust

Are we on endless convalescence?
Is there something that could be done to make sense?
Hunger for power all over the Earth
This won’t save anyone; still the final hour will come
Together we’ll rewrite the walkthrough
Cause we’ve been wrong

No need for a lone saviour
Need a global better behaviour
It’s seems we’re on a game
Our attitude has got to change
Don’t race against each other
We’re a team so we can perform together

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