"Apologize" lyrics



What kind of person am I?
What can I find in me?
All I saw have one thousand colors everyday
But all I can see is fucking grey

It's so sure my reason is gone
And my fucking nightmare just began
I hoped all my life to be the first one
And I realize that I'm always the second
Too Late to apologize
Too Late

I don't know the reasons
But I'll find in every seasons
Too many questions
And other locations

Hear something, keep my mind
One thing, left behind
Maybe getting better, just a dream
But it is not so real

No sense, I can't feel
No time, I can't think
No sense, I can't be something

What kind of person are you
What can I find through you
All I see was a mirror of what I found in me
But I know my mind goes away

It's never what I can have
Too late to realize

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