"Another Path" lyrics


"Another Path"

A punch wakes me up again
Your eyes crush me to the ground
Laughter came all around
To you, I’m just a loser, bastard
Never linger on my own
Stop retracing my footsteps
Recognize my slog or …
When you wake up, I’ll be elsewhere

Why don’t you believe in me? I felt dismissed
Would you take me as I am? I’m upset
Why don’t you believe in me? It’s too late I am gone
Why didn’t you believe in me?

Can’t live a temper life
I need to act stupid, it’s in me
Feel like a child again
When you watch me on your higher stand
I use another path
You don’t get the meaning of my life
You say “I understand you” but
You try to put me in the box

Believe me I’ll kick your mind, kick your mind away
I will draw the other path! Go astray!
Why don’t you believe in me? Drew the other path
Why didn’t you believe in me?

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