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One, two, three, I suddenly see,
I can’t believe my eyes, Oh it’s a true paradise
How did I get here? It’s so unclear! I was in hell; in my daily routine
I know, I was on my way to work, in traffic jam, trapped in this city!

Stop working it’s time, it’s time to go
Go to a place to enjoy blue snow
And I don’t care if it’s cold;
It’s better than the hell we know!

Breathe freedom on top of glaciers
Come and follow my Bombardier
Is this a caribou down the slope?
You’ll still be here next year I hope

Again I count to three, it is not gone,
I’m feeling so free, still in the same kingdom
I’m taking the time, living for the moment,
I’m on my own, I’ll never come back to town
Gone is yesterday; I’ll live for today, I will do it my own way!

Feel the cold wind stroking my skin
It’s washing away all my sins
O! Grand Polar Bear on your throne
I hope you’ll never leave this world!

Then I woke up; it was just a dream
I still have to work to pay the bills
I refuse to allow this fate
It’s my last chance to escape
Let’s go now to Alaska!

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