"Everything's Fucked" lyrics


"Everything's Fucked"

I was in a rut, obsessed with everything I have not got.
I was a full stop, bereft of words - a lonely little dot.
So I made a plan, to end this sentence and become a man
I will make a start, I will make a stand

I don’t believe in fate, what we see is serendipity.
And these things I hate, sometimes they get the better of me.
I had a stupid idea, it will will make you laugh
These circumstances never change unless you’re the one to start.

So when everything’s broken, when it’s all fucked.
Don’t be content to sit and waste away, accepting that you're stuck.
There are places where we wait and there are ones where will will waste away.
Rooms can become catacombs if you don’t make your own better days.

And now across the sea, the lake reflects the best of me.
On two wheels I ride, ever increasing speed.
I made a list and I worked hard, I travelled long, I traveled far.
I return back to the start and carve those words across my heart.

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