"Be A Man" lyrics


"Be A Man"

What does it take to be a man?
I thought I know once but I still don’t understand
The destinations out in front of me.
How I get there is a mystery.

Here’s how I was ; Young but not stupid.
And how I felt ; Misled not useless.
Right now, mind clouded by the fog,
of who I am and who I wish I was.
But I don’t even know!

I’ve got a book filled with clumsy sentences
meaningless sentiments and overworked adjectives.
I’ve got a room’s filled with all the things I need
to distract me from ever trying to succeed.

But will I even know?

Hand up, eyes shut, I’ve had enough I give up.
Broken back, I’m on my knees. Give me space to try to breath.
Does it even show, when I get there will I know?
“who I want to be” is gonna be the end of me!
And when I get there will I know?

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