"New York Parasite" lyrics


"New York Parasite"

I heard them say Rome wasn’t built in a day
By tomorrow night I’ll own Avenue A
Can’t see what’s behind the scenes
Raise your martini glass to the land of hope and dreams

New York Parasite!

I sit and think over Foie Gras and Cognac
Look at my window, ha! I own that!
Down below, you’re kicking, you’re screaming
You’re begging, you’re hoping, you’re whining, you’re fiending!

New York Parasite!

Make the best you can with your fate
After all, this is the Empire State
I found destiny, how can I stop?
I want it all, with a cherry on top!

New York Parasite!

I want it all, with a cherry on top, I want it all!

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