"The Lost" lyrics


"The Lost"

When was the last time i felt something?
When was the last time i could feel anything?
No recognition; I don't think I'm myself anymore
It's dark and freezing, the streets are empty
Vacant as this caustic hollow inside me
Where am i going? Now the emptiness
Swallows me whole.

I am so lost, and there's no way back
I feel it deep inside my every bone
I'll wonder down here, till i disappear
And even then I'll still be very much alone

I separate, an orphan of the world
I don't belong anywhere at all
The very air is imbued with longing and wasted dreams
I'll continue walking through this still desolation
This blankness somewhere between lucid and dreaming
where no one you meet
is worth knowing at all
We are so empty.

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