"Lambs In The Abattoir" lyrics


"Lambs In The Abattoir"

I woke up today
Opened up my eyes to find that
Something fundamental
Inside me has changed
and I can't go back now
My visions not so blurry
I see every thing so clear
I'm taking my leave of herd mentality
I'll break from the flock
Let the other sheep tow the line in their
vacuous complacency

Marching forward, one by one
I'm out of step and I really cant do this anymore
Marching forward the lambs all scream
as the flock is led into the abattoir

In perfect file we march
We're just sheep...
A flock of clones
Identical, each one exactly the fucking same
(follow the leader, right to the slaughter)
it took me all of this time
to find out who I am so
I'm not going back, I'm going my own direction
I'll escape and I will disappear
(but where is the exit from here?)

How will it come?
Pneumatic hammer to the brain?
A violent slash with an ichor encrusted blade?
The sticker does his work with cruel efficiency
Every bit as mechanical and mindless as the sheep
I try to scream but they cannot hear a word
It's much too late to see the error of following the herd
The blade races across the throat
and paints the cold steel walls red
and one by one the sheep obediently walk unto their death

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