"(K)illuminati" lyrics



Bow down before your masters
You're just a puppet, boy,
And we're pulling the strings
Your free will?
We're not concerned with
Such insignificant things.
We are elite
We reign above you.
We're your corporately-sponsored
We wove our schemes
Hid in the shadows
And now we're profiting from
Eternal war.

Bow down before the (K)illuminati
The architects of despair and human folly
We are destruction, arrogance and greed
We're the rot at the core of the nation
Sow dissent and the seeds of ruination
We're parasites, and parasites will feed!

We stare down
From our tower
From one great dispassionate, cyclopean eye
At all the carnage
And all the chaos
And revel in all the schadenfreude
Our M.O.
Is Armageddon
Total destruction of all that stands in our way
We are the great
Exalted order
To which all the lesser deities pray.

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