"Wide Awake" lyrics


"Wide Awake"

You see everything in front of you
Try to understand it all
I’m looking out in the same way
But all I see is you
I know you better than him
And I can't stay for long
So make up your mind
Before I'm gone

It's 4 am and I'm wide awake
And in the silence
I hear my heart break
Don't say good night and walk away
Stay next to me through night and day

I stay up late
Cause you call me at night
And even though I have to sleep
I hold the phone tight
Sometimes forgetting isn't enough
When you call my name
And slam the door in my face
You leave my world to wait


Everything’s still is wrong
I'm still here and you're still gone
Why can't you see it?
I’m standing right here
Why can't you feel it?
I need you near
I need you near


Through night and day.
Through night and day.

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