"Tomorrow And Forever" lyrics


"Tomorrow And Forever"

You will stay there
I will be there too
Along with you
Tomorrow and forever

And now I see
In your green eyes
Staring at me
Tomorrow and forever
Tomorrow and forever

I’m going just as fast as I can
To get to your door across town
You’re always on my mind
I promise you that

We’ll take a walk in the summer breeze
And watch a scary movie on TV
It’s the perfect night
Everything is just right

My pocket plays a happy tune
I let you know that I’ll be there soon
I’ll see your pretty face
I just can’t wait


As the sun sets we get to the beach
We lay on towels with the sand in our feet
We both fall asleep
You mean everything to me
And now it’s time to say goodnight
I give you a kiss and I hold you tight
But the two of us know
There’s always tomorrow
Tomorrow and forever


Every thunderstorm that I sleep through
Reminds me of the times I’ve spent with you
And when the lights go out
My mind races following my dreams
As my eyes start to close
You’re right there with me
You’re right there with me


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