"Next To You" lyrics


"Next To You"

No matter what this life may hold,
You know I’ll never be alone.
And even if I have to go, you’ll always be in heart,
I will keep you in my mind till the end of time.
I will come back home.

I don’t want to go away, along this open highway
I’m turned around looking back, with the rain dripping down the glass
I press my hands to the window , I yell “I’ll never let you go”
But you’re fading farther away

This goodbye is not forever
There’s nowhere else I’d rather be
Than Next to You, Holding you
I’ll stay Next to You

Life goes fast as time goes by
Worlds apart yet you’re still on my mind
And I will never forget you
I know now someday somehow
It’s meant to be, I’ll see you again
We both know we’ll never be just friends
But you’re fading further away


You changed me
You’re so damn amazing
I forget what I was like before you came into my life
Please wait for me
I’ll be back you’ll see
It will be like before, a gentle knock on your door

You know that...


A knock on your door,
See your face once more
I’ll stay Next to You

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