"Need You" lyrics


"Need You"

Staring out the window,
Watching the faces pass me by
But where are your green eyes?
You haven’t been around in a while
It’s been ages since I’ve seen your smile.
Its all flipped around, which way is up and down?
Where are you now?

I wish that when I looked up at the bright blue sky
That I could be as happy as the birds flying by

I need you,
You need me too
I need somebody to catch me when I fall
Someone to hold me when I call
And after all we’ve been through
I need you

I tried to forget the world,
but it’s so hard when the world is you
I need your help
But you said that we’re through
No more cars to be chased,
No more flying in space,
Just days, days put to waste


I feel you lying next to me
I open my eyes but I can’t see
It was all just a dream
Even with all I say
You still push me away
I want you to stay
Just stay

I need you
You need me too


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