"Hook Line And Sinker" lyrics


"Hook Line And Sinker"

I met her last Saturday
brown haired and beautiful
We were all alone
it was so magical

Where did this feeling come from
it came out of nowhere
Like a deer in the headlights
I can't help but stare
…and I'm lost without a prayer -- we can go anywhere

Hook line and sinker
I’m going down fast
Just come with me baby
even if it won't last

I need you now
and I can't get enough
Just give me your hand
you got the right touch

It's a beautiful night
we can reach for the stars
so come with me baby
we've made it this far


Her head is on my shoulder
the sky is showing dawn
Her eyes start to open
to see that we're so far gone

Where will this road take us
let's just steal away
cuz as long as I'm with you
it's forever and a day
…and I'm lost without a prayer -- we can go anywhere


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