"Here We Go" lyrics


"Here We Go"

We were walking, talking, holding hands that night
I remember wishing they’d turn off the lights
You turned and looked at me, holding back a grin
Which made me smile and laugh and then
I leaned in
And I just don’t know

Here we go another day just passes by
Another reason to ask me why
Here we go together one more time
I’m asking you to please believe me girl and just try to be mine

Everything I said to you was just a lie
That’s wrong and every time you know I try
I can’t move on from you, it just doesn’t work
I’m singing you a lullaby of the broken heart
And I just don’t know


You came up to me and swore that you loved me
and together we’d be
The perfect pair
And I’ll still be crazy
Until we’re both pushing daisies



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