"The Art Of Aiming Low" lyrics


"The Art Of Aiming Low"

you talk so fast
i never understood
that we were just a catchphrase
for the crowd to call out
it’s not as if i’m claiming innocence
but i never heard apologies
come falling from your lips
well maybe I just missed them

i will be the best thing
you will never have
i’m taking steps to get a good clean fight
bite hard on your bottom lip
now you’re getting used to it
make it quick coz baby time is tight

what came first
the inability to talk about it
or even worse
the fact that you were already losing friends

it’s not enough
for your badly planned attempts
to come in second
when i’m always stealing first
luckily for you i’m just in time
never lacking in the confidence or charm
to make you dream
of someday being me

stay still
i will find you

Thanks to Stephen Harris for these lyrics

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