"Invincible" lyrics



we’re still waiting for the punchlines
to jokes that you told
your high fives are hanging
we spent a long time
wondering how far we could go

sell us out for what we’re worth
too late we’ve jumped the guns
they’ve loaded with mistakes we made
and it’s too bad our closets aren’t the graves
for any of our minor falls from grace
coz we hide evidence too well

nothing short of impossible
could stop us now
we’re invincible

rumble baby rumble
take one to the chest and shake it off
to prove we’re bulletproof
we’re a match made in a crowded room
and in the crush we’re always on our own
it’s fingers crossed
let’s go

nothing short of every lie we’ve ever told
would be enough to make it worth us giving up
nothing short of every lie we’ve ever told
could make it worth this now

Thanks to Stephen Harris for these lyrics

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