"Fireworks" lyrics



as fireworks exploded over your house it was 3am
I noticed, you’re not home
and the silhouettes in windows at your old boyfriend’s house
are smoke-and-mirror signals that
you’re around

better luck next time kid,
now you’ve loved and lost we’ll call it quits
and best of luck,
getting over it.
I’ve taken the biggest hit,
and all that you could think to say was this
I’ll collect my things
when it’s convenient

don’t write
don’t call
i won’t miss you at all

late nights are kicking in,
the caffeine and these love songs aren’t working,
just hit repeat and sing along again
I can’t believe it came to this
the sound of breaking glass and mix-tape hits
drown out the words
as I sing

and I know this will fade over time
but tonight it’s just heartbeats and lines
from our song and the thousands of lies
that you told

don’t write
don’t call
i won’t miss you at all

Thanks to Stephen Harris for these lyrics

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