"Cool. Collected. Calm." lyrics


"Cool. Collected. Calm."

i’m not a great believer in
getting it right the first time
and the look on your face says
kid you never came close
chalk it up to youth
it’s the only excuse that i’ve got now
and i’m getting too old to pretend i did anything else

we are cool
we are collected
we are calm
but don’t forget what we told you
about the boy that’s on your arm

and we’ll sing our hearts out
while you fall asleep
we’ll break bones to get to
where you want to be
indifference is in fashion
so scream along with me
we are nothing if not desperate
resorting to honesty

i was built for bedrooms
saturday nights and for big scenes
perfectly designed to lean for the kiss at the end
it’s all about timing i make it look easy
but you’d already guessed
from how i shake off rejection again

we are cool
we are collected
we are calm

Thanks to Stephen Harris for these lyrics

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