"Caught In The Crossfire" lyrics


"Caught In The Crossfire"

take a deep breath
believe me you’re gonna need it
coz we’re writing big hits
and you need to keep up
we already told you
the worst way to make ex-best-friends
and we’re giving lessons
so pay attention

we’re so convinced that we know best
how pride and falls will take their toll
but we’ll never give this up

thanks for crying on our shoulders
we’re taking chances in the warm glow of these lights
these slow dance songs won’t last the night
jump, like, the dancefloor just caught fire
I’ve got matches and a less-than-nervous smile
that just says “oh, thanks for growing up”

you know, we’re the best at
being caught in the crossfire
so keep your head down
and cover your ears
we’re walking fine lines
between never and way too late
and we’re sick of waiting
so pay attention

Thanks to Stephen Harris for these lyrics

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