"The Astronomer" lyrics


"The Astronomer"

Everyone is dying for change; all the colors are fading grey.
All I want is to be saved… Set free and rearranged, I’m ready…
…for someone to come and take me away from here…
So look up! Can you see it in the stars?
Just look up! And see how small we really are.
Everywhere I look, in all the faces that I see,
all the people seem disheartened and full of misery.
But when I look up, into infinity, I find solace in the stars and I am free.
And in and endless sea of stars, under the blanket of the sky,
I’ve found one pair of eyes and they are staring back at mine.
And when I saw her face, all my worries were erased,
And I felt clean again, I felt like “me” again…

But they said, “Hey kid, the worlds too big for you to even try to do anything about it!”

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