"Keep Your Eyes To The North" lyrics


"Keep Your Eyes To The North"

Oh, what is this I’ve found?
With my head in the clouds and my feet planted firm on the ground?
Safe and sound.
Could you be the one to turn everything around?
Lo’ and behold! Watch everything suddenly change…
I was going to fold! But now nothing feels the same…

You opened up my eyes
(Awake for the first time
And you’re the reason why)
I finally feel alive

So when the sun comes to take you away and I wait through another day
Would it be all right to expect you each night, if I know that you can’t stay?
Just don’t pretend that I’m the means to an end if you don’t intend me to be
‘Cause looking back on a tempered past it was the loss of love that let me last
But please… set me free… just love me.

So keep your eyes on Northern skies
To find the Light that saved my life

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