"Into The Unknown" lyrics


"Into The Unknown"

No matter how far, I’ll find a way
The vastness of space won’t slow my pace,
I don’t care what they say.
You’ll be mine. It’s a matter of time.
Just wait and see. It’s just you and me and all of infinity…
It might not make sense, but what ever does?
People do terrible things for the ones that they love.
It might not be safe, but I still have to try
I found a love so right I could die tonight, and that would be fine.
True to the end, I’ll find you and then
You’ll never spend one night alone praying for love again
And you’ll never hurt… And you’ll never cry…
Entire stars will explode in the sky and you’ll never ask why.
And in the dark, our love will spark, and a single light will shine
It will cast out every single doubt that ever crossed your mind
(Don’t let go yet, my love…)
I play for keeps.
This love cuts deep.
It fills me up,
…it makes me weak.

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